Do I have to volunteer?

Yes, families are required to dedicate 2 hours of volunteer service per season. This can be broken down into (2) 1 hour sessions or (1) 2 hour session. 

What if I cannot/do not want to volunteer?

Families that are unable to commit to the volunteer requirement are asked to pay a $150 volunteer buy-out fee during the registration process. 

Where can I volunteer?

You can volunteer at the snack shack, apparel booth, on the field moving chains, in the announcement booth as the game announcer, and, if needed, in the parking lot assisting with parking. We may also need help with setting up and breaking down the field on game days. 

How will I know when I have to volunteer?

Please check your email or ask your Team Mom. Once the OCYFL finalizes the schedule, we will assign team levels with the days they are required to volunteer. 

How do I sign up for volunteer service?

You can sign up to volunteer through the website on the Dibs page. 

How do I receive credit for volunteering?

Sign the check-in book located at the area you are volunteering in. It is important that you sign in to receive credit for your service.

Will someone show me what to do when I’m volunteering?

We want to ensure volunteers feel prepared for their service. You will likely be paired with someone who has volunteered before. Before your volunteer date, we will send you an email with a description of your duties for the day and we will have quick reference guides available in the snack shack, apparel booth, and announcer booth to help you fulfill your volunteer service confidently. 

If you still have questions, please see your Team Mom.